The Beauty Of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

It can be more than a bit challenging when it comes to learning all about diamond cuts, clarity, color and carat, and it is no wonder that many people simply choose the traditional round cut for engagement rings.

However, if you are shopping for an engagement ring, it is well worth your time to look at some of the amazing options in princess cut diamond engagement rings. The princess cut is the second most common cut, and it most resembles a square when viewed from directly above.

All princess cut diamond engagement rings are not really square, in fact, some may actually be slightly rectangular. The faceting on the sides of the diamond is carefully selected based on the shape to create a highly reflective inner surface to allow the inner fire of the diamond to take the center stage.

The Cost Factor

The natural structure, on a molecular level, makes the square to very slightly rectangular shape of the princess cut diamond a slightly easier cut to make. This means that they are often easier to work with, even with the advancement of technology in the use of diamond cutting, which helps to keep the cost lower than that of an Ideal cut round diamond.

There will be slightly less brilliance or internal sparkle to the princess cut as compared to the round cut, but there is also the unique shape to consider. This can be set with the band or offset on the band to create a diamond shape.

The Options for Settings

As with an Ideal round diamond, there is a range of princess cut diamond engagement rings from a solitaire style to a more ornate band and setting. With the princess cut diamond settings can include other geometric shapes, including round diamonds or gemstones, baguette shapes or other princess cut diamonds or gemstones.

The princess cut does have corners, and if this is a concern a setting can be designed to protect the corners for any possible damage or from catching on things. With the strength of a diamond, this is rarely a concern for the stone, but it may be a concern for what the stone may come into contact with.

As with any diamond, it is critical to choose a princess cut diamond with the best possible quality with the cut. Without the facets correctly placed there will be limited light and brilliance in the diamond, and you will be missing the sparkle that is the hallmark of this wonderful diamond option.

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