The Beauty and Richness of 22k Gold for Lavish or Simple Jewelry Design

When you measure the purity of gold, you use karats. The purest of gold has the highest content of karats. Choosing this type of gold means opting for some of the purest you can buy.

Purity Content

Jewelry that consists of 22k gold means that it is nearly 92% pure gold with the rest of the other metal alloys. This 8% of other metals can be zinc, nickel, copper, or silver actually help to strengthen the gold, adding to its durability for jewelry design.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Of all the gold, 22k gold is known for its elegant yellow hue, making it appear richer in texture. Most other gold that is far less in karat measurement tends to appear much paler and have less of a sparkle to them. It is also unique in that it is usually hand-fabricated as opposed to a cast. This means it is less likely that you will find any of this gold jewelry mass-produced.

Jewelry Design

It is a mixture of pure gold and a small variety of other alloys which makes it extremely malleable. This allows any jewelry maker to create a multitude of types of jewelry and designs including chains, earrings, bracelets, charms, pendants, and necklaces.

This choice in gold is one of luxury and durability and will stand the test of time either handed down through generations or as a uniquely designed piece that celebrates a milestone or special occasion.

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