The Basics Of Applying For Free Government Smartphones In Kentucky

Many people and families in the state of Kentucky have experienced job loss, reduced income, or health issues over the last two years that have led to financial difficulties. High priced phones and phone plans may be one of the many bills that families and individuals are no longer able to afford.

If you are a resident of Kentucky and meet specific qualifications, you may be eligible for free government smartphones. These smartphones are not available to everyone in the state, but they are new phones provided to those who meet specific requirements for the federal program.

The Lifeline Assistance Program was first established in 1984 by Ronald Reagan. The new Lifeline Program simply upgrades the old landline program to provide smartphones and plans to those who qualify at no cost. In addition, customers of the program are able to add additional services at low prices.
How to Apply

People in Kentucky on government assistance programs such as Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 or federal housing assistance, or other similar types of programs will qualify. There are other programs that qualify, and a quick online application can verify your status.

Additionally, an individual or family can qualify if they have an income at or below the federal poverty guidelines. Uploading or providing the necessary information makes it easy to qualify and be approved online or with a call into the carrier or service provider in the state. Look for a phone service provider offering the Lifeline Program to complete your application and get your new smartphone and plan.
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