The Aromatherapy of Burning A WoodWick Lavender Candle

Aromatherapy is part of the trend towards traditional medicine healing treatments. It is holistic in nature but relies on the body’s senses to help promote physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. At its core is the implementation of essential oils (natural plant extracts). In such treatments, the burning of candles is common. You can mimic some of the effects of aromatherapy by burning appropriate high-quality candles in your home or workspace. An example of this is the WoodWick Lavender Candle.

Lavender and Eucalyptus

WoodWick lavender candles combine two essential oils in their soy wax base. These are:

  1. Lavender – dominating primary scent
  2. Eucalyptus –secondary essential oil

Eucalyptus is said to bring fresh energy and relieve mental exhaustion. As such, it is a perfect match with lavender – an herb long been associated with beauty, peace, love, and relaxation. Together, the two scents produce a sense of well-being, allowing the body and mind to relax and rejuvenate itself.

The HearthWick/PluswickAdvantage

What also helps to distinguish a WoodWick Lavender Candle from the competition is the presence of a wood wick. Either in the HearthWick or Pluswick formulation, it improves the delivery of the fragrance while producing a wider, larger flame that also crackles. As a result, candles burn better, last longer, and create an ambiance that is far from fleeting in nature. The duration of the scent does depend on the size of the candle. Small Ellipse lavender candles bruin for a shorter duration than do the larger hourglass shapes.

WoodWick Lavender Candle

Whether you decide to purchase an oval or hourglass WoodWick Lavender candle, you can rest assured, the fragrance emanating from this soy, wood wick candle relaxes. By simply enjoying the scent wafting from the candle, you are able to achieve the effect of a spa where aromatherapy plays a significant role in helping clients relax and refresh their being and their essence.

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