The Advantages To Using Wire EDM Services

There are many different ways to form parts from metals and other types of materials. Common options include CNC lathing, turning or milling, as well as the use of different options in laser cutting technology.

When it comes to a highly precise, efficient, and low-cost options to make parts and components from solid material that is hard and difficult to work with through other methods, wire EDM services are often the best possible choice.

What is Wire EDM?

EDM stands for electrical discharge machining, and it is a cutting and shaping process that uses a very fine wire to direct the electrical discharge to a prescribed area of the workpiece. The workpiece itself, or the material being shaped, has to be electrically conductive for the process to work.

The use of technology allows for CNC or computer numerical control of the wire EDM process. The fine wire used allows for high tolerances and extreme precision that is difficult to produce using standard types of cutting tools on machining centers. Additionally, since there is no cutting tool and the wire feeds continually through the system, the production can be seamless without the need to stop and replace consumables and cutting tools.

Benefits to Consider

The choice of wire EDM services to create parts often avoids the need for subsequent processing of the finished part. As there is limited heat due to the very narrow area of the cutting path, stress relieving, and additional finishing or deburring processes are not required, which helps to speed up turnaround time on orders and also reduce the cost.

For close fitting parts, the fine cutting path created by the process also makes it possible to develop parts that are extremely precise. Unlike traditional machining processes, take wire EDM services a minimal amount of material off of the workpiece to create the desired shape, allowing for these extremely high tolerances even with rapid production methods.

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