The Advantages of an Immediate Loading Dental Implants Dentist

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Dentist

If you’ve ever questioned whether it is possible to visit the dentist with missing teeth and leave the office with new, bright white teeth in a few hours, the answer is that the possibility does exist. By scheduling a consultation with a Dental Implants Dentist, you can discover how easy it is to get the smile you always wanted without breaking the bank. In most cases, people who see cosmetic dentists have undergone some kind of dental trauma or have poor hygiene issues that have led to the loss of a tooth (or teeth). However, when implants are placed, you dentist will tell you that hygiene and safety is of utmost importance.

When many people are confronted with the option of having implants, they are initially reluctant to treatment due to the time it takes to perform the procedure. However, when dentists explain the option of immediate dental implants, perceptions change. With this option, the patient can get artificial teeth in one day. The implementation process for dental implant treatment can take up to six months, and requires considerable attention during the implementation process. But with immediate dental implants, a patient is not forced to wait so long.

The dentist will make a 2.25mm hole, while the patient is under local anesthesia. After drilling through the gum and jawbone, the dentist will insert a titanium screw about 4 mm. Once this process is completed, a temporary crown is placed in the titanium post. This will be replaced in a month by one final standing. The patient must undergo many oral care visits during the first few months after placement of the implant. The time required for the positioning is between 30 minutes and one hour.
There are two basic conditions that must be met for a Dental Implants Dentist to be successful:

  • The bone around the tooth must be intact.
  • The gum and surrounding area has to be free of infection.

If these two conditions are met, then it is possible to carefully remove the root and immediately put the implant directly into the cavity of the tooth. Immediate dental implants are a hassle-free solution for missing teeth. They have a very short duration in treatment with less time for healing. With immediate implants, it may be simpler and easier to visit the dentist to undergo treatment. For more information, visit Joseph A. Schell DDS SC today.


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