Talk To A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Lancaster County

There has been much written in the media about the Social Security system and the problems it faces for the future. The goal of the program is one that has a noble and socially supportive function: to give financial support to those who are disabled, elderly and disadvantaged by making monthly stipend payments to them.

The reality of dealing with any local Social Security Office is a case study in red tape and any client of the agency can attest to this fact. Phone calls to the office may go to voice mail systems that tell you mailboxes are full. Visits to the office result in long waiting times and the staff who are clearly overworked and are sometimes not able to address the concerns that the Social Security client is bringing to them.

Clients rely on a social security disability lawyer in Lancaster County to be their legal representative and to talk to the Social Security staff on their behalf, making the right points and bringing up the relevant elements of law that can help the staff at Social Security to fully understand how the problem can best be resolved to their satisfaction.

The Social Security Disability Lawyer in Lancaster County can help clients with the process of applying for SSDI and they can also represent clients who have been served with papers from Social Security alleging that there has been an over payment.

The Law Offices of Going and Plank are well versed in Social Security law and they are able to keep up with all of the recent changes that may have affected eligibility of people who are applying for benefits, as well as the amount of money that their clients are able to draw each month.

Meeting with a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Lancaster County can help a Social Security recipient to see just what options they may have to resolve their dispute that relates to SSDI or other benefits that are issued by the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security offices are famous for sending many confusing documents through the mail. Likewise, their website-based documents can be confusing and nearly impossible to fully understand, let alone fill out properly. Working with a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Lancaster County can help clients ensure their papers are in order before they are filed.

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