Sugarcane Plantations in Vacherie LA Depend on Modern Pest Management

The antebellum South lives on in Vacherie, Louisiana, with several historic plantations nearby. Historically known for its sugarcane plantations, St. James Parish continues the tradition; thousands of acres around Vacherie continue to grow tall, sweet sugarcane.

However, in the past, the sugarcane fields were sometimes completely destroyed by disease and pests. But today, pest management services in Vacherie LA keep the fields healthy and strong. Among the pests that attack sugarcane are the sugarcane borer, sugarcane aphid, wireworms, and white grubs.

These insects not only destroy sugarcane fields on their own but also encourage plant disease. For example, the large amounts of honeydew produced by sugarcane aphids result in sooty mold growth. Pest management services in Vacherie, LA also include applying fungicides to control sooty mold and other plant diseases.

Sugarcane is not the only crop grown in St. James Parish, the region is also known for its rare and distinct perique tobacco. Only a very small amount of acreage is dedicated to growing this rare, native variety of tobacco, but it sets the region apart. This is because perique tobacco only thrives here, and nowhere else.

The farms and plantations around Vacherie also grow common varieties of tobacco, cotton, vegetables, and much more. This region is proud to maintain its rural traditions and culture in many ways. Moreover, modern agronomic service providers help to keep the fields around Vacherie and St. James Parish healthy and profitable.

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