Styles of Designer Eyeglasses Available in NYC

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Eye-Care

For many people, the style of glasses they wear has just as much to do with fashion as it does being able to see well. A lot of people are turning to optical accessories made by some of the top designers because they know that not only are they going to be getting quality eye wear, but they are going to look great and be fashionable. There are some who will pay thousands of dollars for one single pair of frames in order to be able to get exactly the style, color, and size they want, and have eye wear made from the best materials that will last for many years (with the exception of needing to have prescription changes every now and then).

When it comes to Designer Eyeglasses NYC, there is one store that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Charlotte Jones Opticians offers the latest frame styles and the best quality lenses. Customers know they are going to get the highest quality eye wear possible, from such popular designers as:

* Thom Browne

* Always stylish, always interesting, people never know what to expect from this designer, except for high quality glasses that look terrific and have original designs.

* Sama Eye wear

* This brand offers a combination of luxury, fashion, and the latest technology in eye wear. The finest materials are used, as well as the latest technologies in lenses. All pairs are assembled by hand in Japan.

* Oliver Goldsmith Spectacles

* This is a designer who is famous for creating celebrity eye wear with the likes of Peter Sellers, Michael Caine, Grace Kelly, The Duke of Windsor, Princess Margaret, and Audrey Hepburn wearing his creations.

* Clair Goldsmith

* This great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith specializes in creating amazing sunglasses. Her frames are highly sought-after and are an investment as much as they are a fashion accessory.

When clients want the best designer eyeglasses in NYC, they go to the best: Charlotte Jones Opticians. They know they will find the highest quality of frames and lenses and the most up-to-date styles. To learn more and view their selection, Visit the website.

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