Structures are Better Protected with Copper Roofing in Nassau County NY

For centuries, copper has been used as a roofing material. There are some buildings that had copper roofs installed hundreds of years ago and those roofs are still intact today. Copper roofing is becoming a more popular material today due to the fact that it will last for the life of a structure. Copper roofing can also provide a higher level of energy efficiency for the home or building. Copper roofing may be more expensive when compared to other materials, but the advantages of using it can be well worth the increased cost.


The highest-quality asphalt or slate shingle is going to last about fifty years, and that is if it doesn’t get hit by any type of harsh weather over that time period. A copper roof will have an expected lifespan much longer than fifty years. Rain and hail can have detrimental effects on a traditional roof. Too much moisture can lead to mold or mildew, and hail can damage shingles. Getting copper roofing in Nassau County NY will provide a roof that is resistant to the elements as well as one that is extremely fireproof. Copper roofs are also more resistant to deterioration related to extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

As roofing companies attempt to be more friendly to the environment, they are moving to use more materials like copper. Getting copper roofing in Nassau County NY will give a structure the ability to reflect heat rather than absorb it. This makes heating and cooling the structure more cost-effective. Copper is also a material that can be recycled, so any excess pieces at the end of a job won’t get thrown away. The overall longevity of the material also creates less waste over time.

Lightweight Material

Copper is a very lightweight material, which means less stress is going to be placed on the structure when the roof is installed. Companies like Business Name. are able to transport and install the material more quickly because it is so light. The material is also extremely flexible, which makes installing it on an irregularly shaped roof much easier.

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