Strategies That Include Professional Ants Control Services in Arlington, VA Eliminate These Pests

Household members can try different strategies to eliminate problems with ants. Some natural products as well as over-the-counter poisons, work for many infestations. If ants continue to invade the home and these techniques don’t work, professional Ants Control Services in Arlington VA are available to assist.

A Natural Method

One method is to mix baking soda or borax with a substance the ants are attracted to, such as corn syrup or sugar. It’s essential to keep these mixtures away from pets and little children who might be curious enough to eat them. Baking soda and corn syrup probably wouldn’t cause harm to kids or animals, but they definitely should not be eating borax.

Commercial Products

The most common commercial products for ant eradication include a sweet substance along with borax. This may be the most convenient way to set out poison traps since it’s already prepared and includes cardboard squares for bait stations. Again, the substance should be hidden from curious household residents. They can be placed in the backs of cabinets, for example.

Cleaning Up

Although a home doesn’t have to be particularly dirty or messy to attract ants, it probably could use a good cleaning or more meticulous attention to the kitchen. Crumbs on counters, dirty dishes in the sink, and spills that aren’t wiped up all may be appealing to these little critters. Technicians with Ants Control Services in Arlington VA may also find cracks and crevices around the exterior of the house where the bugs get in.

Carpenter Ants

Not all ants come into the house. Some, like carpenter ants, want to build nests in dead wood. Of course, they don’t understand the difference between dead trees and the wood structure of a building. Ants Control Services in Arlington VA can help customers who have discovered these bugs chewing up wood around the foundation of the house.

Carpenter ants don’t cause the dramatic amount of damage that termites do, but they nevertheless should be eliminated from the building. Technicians with a company like Pest Management Services in Arlington VA may discover areas of moisture that should be resolved since carpenter ants are attracted to damp and wet areas.

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