Spokane Hybrid Flower Features Best Of Washington’s Sativa And Indica

It seems the United States of America is turning green. The news reports on a new state legalizing marijuana with each new election cycle, and Washington state led the charge. If you’re new to cannabis or just need a refresher course on the enjoyment of marijuana, then read on to learn about the power-packed hybrid flower in Spokane.

Two Main Strains

If you have walked into your local cannabis store, then you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the selection behind the counter. There are dozens of strains with funky names like gorilla glue, blue dream and girl scout cookies. Each of these features slightly different flavors and effects, but you can trace all strains back to two main types of marijuana flower.

Sativa And Indica

Each strain delineates from either the sativa or indica cannabis plants. Experts can see the difference in the buds themselves, but you only need to know them by their overall effects. Sativa usually features a head high that gives you invigorating energy. Many enjoy sativa before cleaning the house or going to a concert with friends. Indica feels different. It can lock you to your couch, give you the munchies and cure insomnia. It’s best to be enjoyed at home.

Best Of Both Worlds

Hybrid flower features a blend of sativa and indica to give you a balanced sensation. You might feel some energy before a nice relaxing rest. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds. Just make sure you know where to get the best hybrid flower in Spokane.

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