Spiral Manufacturing Handles All Your Aerospace Ducting Needs

If your project requires high-quality, reliable spiral piping, get in touch with Spiral Manufacturing and experience the difference yourself. This is a company that does not cut corners when it comes to delivering top-notch pipe in the HVAC, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. The Spiral team works on many different ductwork and pipe projects, and they are always committed to high productivity and professionalism. Spiral pipe is very strong and does not need as many joints or hangers, combining both light gauge metal and spiral lockseam for enhanced strength. Both high and low pressure galvanized pipe are offered here, as well as PVS underground pipe. All of the aerospace ducting products here meet SMACNA standards, and no job is too small. Spiral pipe can be made by special order in many different metal materials, including stainless steel, brass and more.

Spiral pipe is a great option for a number of uses. It was originally created to be used with high-pressure AC systems and is now also used for ventilation, grain, insulation, and so much more. It is composed of four plies of metal that combine into a continuous reinforcing rib, allowing for different pipe diameters to be used. If your project requires secure, dependable aerospace ducting that will last a long time, spiral pipe is the way to go. Spiral Manufacturing has been serving clients since 1962, and has a long history of quality service. For more information on galvanized pipe, PVS underground pipe, and spiral pipe ordering, please visit www.spiralmfg.com

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