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by | Feb 3, 2023 | Dentist

If you live in the Los Angeles California area and need dental work you are in luck. Smile Dentistry LA located in downtown Los Angeles is ready and able to meet your dental needs.

Dr. Kourosh Yosefzafeh is a recognized specialist in a wide variety of dental issues. Known to his patients as Dr. K he works with select specialists that add to the range of his practice. One of these specialists and perhaps the most important one is periodontist is Dr. Razmik Galustian, DDS.

The reason for this is that periodontal gum disease is very widespread within the population. If you need to resolve an issue in Periodontics in Los Angeles, CA your best bet is to make an appointment with Dr. Galustian. Born in Iran and trained at the Azad University Dental School, Dr. Galustian graduated in 2003 and came to the United States two years later.

In Dr. Kourosh’s practice, each patient gets an individual treatment plan because no two smiles are the same as Dr. K is fond of saying. As a patient, you will receive the benefit of the advanced training and vast experience that Dr. K offers. He has been practicing as a clinical dentist since 1997. He strongly believes that he can offer his services at a piece that is affordable to everyone.

Dr. K graduated with a DDS degree from the University of Southern California School Of Dentistry. After his graduation, he worked with a number of dentists to increase his skill level. Not content to rest on his laurels Dr. K continues to take advanced classes to further increase his high level of skills.

Dr. K sees patients from far and near and whether your needs involve general dentistry or Periodontics in Los Angeles, CA is your best bet. To make an appointment visit Smile LA’s website at

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