Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs To Be Replaced: Garage Door Openers in Huntington WV

Garage door openers should last, on average, around 10 to 15 years. Maintaining the garage door is one way to extend the life of a garage door opener. If the garage door isn’t working correctly, it may be time to replace it. Here are three signs that a garage door opener needs to be replaced.

Strange sounds are coming from the garage door opener.

Hearing loud sounds as a garage door opens might mean that it’s time to replace the garage door opener. Sounds may range from minor squeaking to major grinding sounds. In some cases, these sounds are a result of damaged pulley systems or chains (or belts, depending on the system) in need of lubrication. In other instances, the motor might be going bad and the opener has simply reached the end of its life. It’s best to call a professional that specializes in Garage Door Openers in Huntington WV to come out and inspect the problem.

The garage door opener works intermittently.

If the garage door opener only works now and then, or the door only opens partly before going back down, the opener might need replacing. After making sure no obstructions are preventing the door from opening, try the garage door opener again. If it is still experiencing issues, reach out to companies that provide Garage Door Openers in Huntington WV for a consultation. They’ll be able to check for any unseen obstructions and determine whether it’s a minor or serious issue.

The garage door won’t open at all.

When a garage door can only be opened manually and the garage door opener doesn’t work at all, it could be a simple fix. Perhaps a battery needs to be replaced or the remote needs to be reprogrammed. Try these simple fixes before replacing the entire system. Business Name can help you determine what the problem is and will help with any repair or replacement needs.

A garage door opener is a convenient luxury. When maintained properly, it can last for quite some time. Knowing the signs that a garage door opener needs replaced will ensure that you’ll be able to replace the system before it suffers complete failure.

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