Signs to Look For to Know When you Need Air Conditioning Repair in Cape Coral

The last thing you want to do is be stuck with a broken air conditioning unit during the hot summers in Cape Coral. It is important to do routine maintenance on the air conditioner unit to prevent the unit from breaking down. One of the most common problems many people have with an air conditioner is its ability to put out sufficient cool air. In many situations you can avoid expensive Air Conditioning Repair in Cape Coral by changing the air filter about one each month during the summer months. Some of the other common problems with malfunctioning air conditioning units that require immediate repairs include a rattling sound, an accumulation of water puddles and poor temperature regulation.

If the air conditioner has been continuously running, but it doesn’t seem to be cooling the house, it may be low on coolant. The addition and removal of coolant should be done by a company specializing in Air Conditioning Repair in Cape Cod, because there are certain regulations regarding the disposal and use of certain coolants. If you are attempting to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint, part of Eco Air Conditioning is to hire an air conditioning repair company to safely dispose of any coolant that is drained from your air conditioner.

If you are noticing puddles of water under the air conditioning unit, it may be due to a leak or a broken fan. In most situations this type of problem is a simple repair, but you should never attempt to make any repairs on the air conditioning unit unless you are experienced with the various components of the unit. It is important to routinely clean dust and debris from the air conditioning unit to prevent a buildup in the fan and condenser. When the air conditioner suddenly stops working, there are a few things you should check before calling a repair company. Make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped, remove leaves and other debris from around the outside unit to make sure there isn’t anything blocking the circulation and check the thermostat settings to ensure it is on the correct setting. If you have tried all of these and the air conditioner still isn’t working correctly, the longer you delay repairs, there is a greater risk of more damage, so contact a repair company as soon as possible.

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