Signs That Squirrel Removal in Dublin, OH is Necessary

Squirrels are often found in residential areas in Dublin, OH where trees are present. They will seek out food there because there is so much of it available. While they are outside, squirrels are mostly harmless. It is when they get inside, however, that they become a problem. Squirrel removal in Dublin, OH is necessary once they manage to find their way inside the home.

Noises are Heard One of the first signs that squirrels are present is noises being heard. At first, most homeowners will be unsure what the noises are. After a while, they may start to realize that it is small footsteps they are hearing. Squirrels often get into the home through pipes or damaged areas of the roof. They are typically found hiding out in the attic.

Urine is Found If noises have been heard coming from upstairs, most people will go up there to investigate. They will look for any signs that something may be up there. Squirrel removal in Dublin, OH is especially necessary once any urine has been found. This can cause damage to the structure of the floorboards since the urine will seep in just as water does.

Gnawed WiresSquirrels will gnaw on wires that are found in the home. If any damaged wires are found, a wildlife control company should be contacted immediately. Damaged wires can cause electrical fires, which will ignite the home.

Chewed Wall StudsBaby squirrels like to chew on wall studs and trusses while they are teething. If there are any marks found in these areas, it is a good indication that squirrels have found their way into the home. These things should be taken care of immediately because holes in the wood leave the home susceptible to other animals getting in.

As soon as any of these signs have been discovered, it is time for Squirrel removal in Dublin, OH. Squirrels inside the home cause many problems, from electrical fires to holes in the wood that allow other animals to get in, such as bats. Bat removal should be done immediately as well, since they, too, cause damage. The wildlife control company will remove these animals and help prevent future infestations.


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