Signs That Plainfield Residents May Be Dealing with Hammertoe

Hammertoe is a common foot problem. It affects the muscles that extend or flex the toes. This makes the toes bend. Here are a few things you should know about hammertoe in Plainfield.

There are several things that can lead to you dealing with hammertoe. First, never wear shoes that are too tight and do not fit properly. You want to give your toes plenty of space. Hammertoe is often associated with wearing inappropriate shoes.

Hammertoe in Plainfield is also caused by genetics or an underlying medical condition. You may be dealing with hammertoe because of a toe injury, arthritis, pressure from a bunion, and usually low or high foot arch, or tendons or ligaments in the foot that have tightened.

The most common symptom associated with hammertoe is a pain when walking. You may also feel pain when trying to move your toe or stretch it. Some individuals experience mild symptoms. Other individuals experience symptoms that are so severe that they are not able to walk. Other symptoms include calluses, corns, irritation, and redness.

There are other conditions that affect the toes that you may be dealing with. You may have clawed toes or mallet toes. The main difference between these conditions is the joints that are affected. Speaking with a professional is the best way to have your condition diagnosed and treated.

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