Signs Septic Repair in Olympia WA is Needed

There are many homes, especially those located in rural areas, that aren’t connected to a city sewer supply. Instead, they rely on an individual septic system to trap and treat household wastewater. Even though the initial cost of septic system installation can be high, if it’s properly maintained, it offers reliable services for many years.

While this is true, no system is going to last forever. The question is, how can a homeowner tell that Septic Repair in Olympia WA is needed? Keep reading to find out.

The Presence of Pooled Water

One of the first and most obvious signs that Septic Repair in Olympia WA is needed is if there is pooling water in or around the septic field. This may take place in many places, but usually, it is seen in the area of the drain field. If water has started to pool, it’s a sign that the tank is full or reaching capacity.

If the septic system is working properly, the wastewater should stay under the ground and out of view. However, if solid particles begin to clog the drain field pipes, it is going to result in the water collecting and moving to the surface of the drain field.

Bad Smells

A homeowner can also follow their nose to determine if their septic tank has reached capacity. Remember, wastewater coming from a house includes everything that is sent down the drain. As a result, the smell isn’t going to be pleasant.

As a tank begins to reach capacity, it is also going to begin to emit a bad smell. If a homeowner notices this when they are outside, it is a good sign that it is time to call for repair, or at least to have the septic tank pumped.

When it comes to a home’s septic tank, there are several signs that there is an issue present. A homeowner needs to be aware of what these signs are and ensure they take action to prevent a problem from getting worse. Being informed is the best way to prevent the possibility of a sewage backup inside the home.

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