Signs It’s Time to Schedule Hearing Tests in Lancaster, PA

Many people believe that hearing loss only impacts elderly patients. However, the truth is that a wide variety of patients of all ages experience some degree of hearing loss. Allowing this problem to go undiagnosed can only lead to additional stress, so take a look at the following signs that it’s time for hearing tests in Lancaster, PA.

Constantly Asking to Repeat Words

If a loved one is constantly asking his or her friends and family to repeat words or phrases, chances are some sort of hearing problem is to blame. There are a wide variety of underlying causes of hearing loss, many of which are medically treatable, so don’t be afraid to head to the doctor and seek professional help.

Difficulty Hearing in Crowds

One of the earliest signs of hearing loss is difficulty understanding conversations in crowded places. Background noise can make it difficult for anyone to hear, but if the person experiencing hearing troubles used to have no problem conversing at restaurants or in other public places it may be a sign that something is awry.

Ringing in the Ears

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common symptom of hearing loss. It can be extremely frustrating, particularly when it gets in the way of forming meaningful relationships or performing everyday activities. Hearing tests in Lancaster, PA can help to determine the extent of a patient’s tinnitus or general hearing loss, which is the first step toward treating the underlying problem.

Difficulty Understanding High Pitched Voices

Often those experiencing hearing loss begin to lose their ability to differentiate higher pitches first. Sometimes this issue manifests itself as difficulty hearing or understanding children or women’s voices. No matter what age the patient is, it’s always best to head to an audiologist as soon as any signs of hearing loss begin to appear.

Frequent Exposure to Loud Sounds

Younger patients who are experiencing chronic hearing loss often report working on construction sites, attending frequent concerts, or otherwise exposing themselves to loud noise on a frequent basis. It’s not a bad idea for anyone working in loud environments to schedule periodic tests to ensure that they are not causing permanent damage. Visit  for more information.

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