Should You Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in King George, VA for Nursing Home Abuse?

One of the most insidious crimes today is nursing home abuse. According to some statistics, there were nearly 6 million cases of elderly abuse recorded in 2010. An ABC report states that nearly 1 in 3 nursing homes have been cited for violations since 1996. Lack of staff and poorly-trained staff are two reasons mentioned for the rise of this terrible crime. It’s not just physical abuse a senior may suffer, but also emotional and financial abuse. If you discover your senior loved one is being abused, should you hire Personal Injury Attorneys in King George, VA to file a case?

At minimum, people who are victims of elder or nursing home abuse should speak to Personal Injury Attorneys about being compensated for medical bills and other expenses that may result from the abuse. Due to their advanced age, physical abuse can be particularly damaging to elderly people and their bodies may never fully heal from the damage. They may need extensive physical rehabilitation to restore their health and the families should not be on the hook to pay for the negligence or malice of others.

The senior person may also need psychological assistance to help them get over the incident. When people are abused, they may continue to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder that can make enjoying the rest of their lives difficult. Suing the nursing facility or the individual responsible can ensure your loved has the financial resources to obtain the mental help they need to overcome the pain and shame they may be feeling.

Financial abuse is a big issue as well. If a caregiver steals money from your elderly loved one, then suing them for the return of those funds may be the only way to get the money back. Personal Injury Attorneys in King George, VA can follow the paper trail and gather the evidence needed to prove the person took the money, which can help you win a judgment in your favor in court. The attorneys can also use a variety of legal avenues such as liens and wage garnishment-;to help you collect the money you’re owed.

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