Services Offered By Dentists in Reston

Despite our best efforts to care for our teeth and gums, dental issues are unavoidable. Brushing and flossing regularly and limiting our consumption of foods and beverages containing excessive amounts of sugar and acid can help promote the health of our teeth and gums, but regular dental care is vital in maintaining optimum oral health.

Dentists in Reston recommend receiving a routine cleaning twice each year. During these cleanings, the dentist will provide thorough cleaning to remove any plaque build up and bacteria that can not be eliminated through normal brushing and flossing. Our dentist will also conduct x-rays of our teeth, gum tissue and the bones of our jaws to ensure all are healthy. These x-rays will reveal any cavities and tooth fractures as well as any issues occurring below the gum line.

Cavities must be drilled away. Dentists in Reston drill out the decayed portion of our teeth as well as a small amount of healthy tissue within the tooth, to ensure no unhealthy tissue remains. Then, he will fill our teeth with a resin composite material that closely resembles natural teeth, both in color and strength. Chipped and broken teeth can also be repaired with this same type of substance.

In some cases, we may have a broken or decayed tooth that is beyond repair. If so, the Dentists in Reston would pull this tooth or extract it surgically, depending on the location of the tooth and the degree of damage. One or more missing teeth can be replaced to help maintain appearance and the ability to chew properly.

A few missing teeth may be replaced with a bridge. This bridge, usually composed of a metal frame covered in gum colored acrylic, uses our remaining natural teeth for support. False teeth made of resin or porcelain take the place of our missing teeth. If all, or most, of our teeth are lost due to decay or an injury, a Dentists in Reston may recommend dentures to fill the void.

Dentures are available in both full and partial varieties and are made of the same materials as bridges. With dentures, our Dentists in Reston can help build the confident smile we may lose when a number of our teeth are absent; in addition, they allow us to continue eating normally and they fill out our exterior facial features affected by the loss of our teeth.

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