Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia Prevent Expensive Problems

Smart homeowners use Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia for preventive maintenance. The last thing a homeowner wants to hear is that they require over $1,000 worth of work on their septic system because they neglected to keep it up. Services don’t even have to be used that frequently in order to practice preventative maintenance.


Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia can be used to pump septic tanks. While some homeowners might need their tanks pumped every couple years, others can get away with waiting five years between pumping sessions. The are variables that come into play. Households with more members and with garbage disposals will usually need more frequent pumping sessions than homes with only one person living in them.

Garbage Disposals And Grease

Many problems for septic tanks start in kitchens. Far too many people abuse their garbage disposals. By doing so, they end up abusing their septic systems. Just because a garbage disposal can handle something doesn’t mean that is should. Meat, bones, and even vegetables that are placed inside garbage disposals can eventually become problems for septic tanks. Grease from foods that gets into a drain can end up doing harm to a septic tank. Greasy dishes can be wiped down before being placed in a sink.

More Tips

There are some other things homeowners should be aware of when it comes to septic tanks. Having a day set aside just for laundry isn’t a good idea. It’s much better to space out laundry than it is to do several loads in one day. A septic system might be forced to handle well over 100 gallons of water if a person does a few loads in a day. Constantly using toilet bowl cleaners that contain beach can even lead to problems with septic tanks. Visit us to find out more about getting help with septic tanks.

Homeowners can avoid a lot of expensive problems if they just learn how to care for things around their homes. Septic tanks are hidden underground. As such, homeowners tend not to think much about them. That’s a huge mistake that can lead to a lot of money being spent for repairs.

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