Selecting A Cremation Cemetery In San Pablo

The Catholic faith has accepted the choice of cremation or a traditional burial for over five decades. However, unlike other faiths, Catholic Tradition encourages the family of the deceased to keep the cremains of the loved one in a single vessel or urn. Ideally, the urn is placed on consecrated grounds in a Catholic cremation cemetery.

Scared Resting Places

In many cremation cemetery grounds in San Pablo, the family has choices as to where their loved one will rest. There is the option to have the urn placed in a specialized niche, allowing the family to come to visit the location at any time in the future.

There is also the option to have the urn placed at a cremation burial site. This offers a more traditional placement of the cremains that allows the family to have a headstone and marker to visit within a Catholic cremation cemetery.

Options to Consider

When planning the cremation choices and services, there are several options recognized by the Church. This includes a traditional vigil or visitation, funeral mass or service, and the committal of the cremains.

Visitation, cremation, and committal can occur on the same day, or there is the option to hold a memorial service, complete the cremation without a viewing or visitation, or have a committal service for cremains that may have been with the family for some time after the cremation.

Talking with the staff at the cemetery helps to determine the process that is right for the family. With different options to consider in San Pablo, talking to different funeral home service providers can help you to identify the right option for your needs.

Let the compassionate professionals at St. Joseph Cemetery & Funeral Center in San Pablo assist you with your questions. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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