Seeking help for Chipped Tooth from Emergency Dentist in Pomona

Whether you have chipped your tooth from biting down on hard candy or experienced a blow to your face during sports practice, unfortunately there is no way to fix a chipped tooth at home. What you do next may have implications that are delayed in nature. You need to see an emergency dentist and if you are someone residing in Pomona, then you won’t face any difficulty in locating a reliable dentist for treatment. Often a tooth will appear to be fine and you only feel discomfort from eating or drinking warm or cold items.

A critical warning is if your tooth hurts all the time. If this is the case, you may have damaged a nerve or blood vessel and need to consider if an emergency dentist appointment is required. Or you may find that you have a broken cusp (top chewing surface of your tooth) or cavity that has crumbled. A dentist might brief you that, it is not uncommon for individuals to downplay the incident and not see a dentist. Only to find out that a year later when it begins to throb that they have a hole that requires a root canal and crown.

Emergency steps to follow before a dental visit

* Use warm water to rinse out your mouth.

* For the next ten minutes apply pressure with a piece of gauze or tea bag or until the bleeding stops.

* Reduce swelling and assist with pain management by using a cold pack over your cheek or lips depending on where the injury is located in your mouth.

* If you absolutely cannot get to the dentist right away, you can use a temporary agent on your tooth until you can get to the dentist later that day. Visit your drugstore to find temporary dental cement.

* Utilize an over the counter pain reliever.

Types of Chips/Breaks

Chips: Generally speaking, chips need the least amount of treatment. A quick visit to add a filling material to the tooth or polish and smooth the chipped area will remedy the issue.

Serious Break: Exposes the nerve and is accompanied by tooth pain. Typically, the broken part of the tooth will bleed. Your emergency dentist in Pomona can determine if a root canal is necessary to remedy the exposed nerve.

Minor Cracks: These are cracks that appear on the outside surface of the enamel on your teeth. Your dentist can decide if a polishing and smoothing would make a difference for you.

Major Cracks: Generally referred to as a fracture of the tooth since the crack makes its way all the way to the nerve. The tooth will be filled with a filling material or a root canal if the nerve and live tissues are damaged. Upon examination it will be determined if a crown or a simple onlay is required.

A chipped tooth is not something you will want to test your fate on. Your emergency dentist might also suggest that you weigh your options carefully to reduce long term damage.

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