Seek Legal Assistance After A Car Accident in Vandalia, OH

When you, a loved one, or a friend are in an auto accident, the outcome can be devastating if you do not know your rights. If you loaned your vehicle to someone and they were in an accident, does your insurance cover their damages? Before you speak to your insurance agent and file a claim, you should speak to someone who knows the laws and understands insurance claim procedures to help you understand what you may expect. Whether the accident was caused by you or another person, single car accident or the devastation that occurs in a multi-car accident, what happens immediately after may make a difference in how quickly and fairly your claim is resolved. A Car Accident Vandalia OH interrupts the flow of your daily life from the onset of the occurrence, no matter how minor or extreme the accident was.

In some accidents, the police may cite one party or the other for unsafe driving. Whether you received the ticket or the other party, understanding insurance rules based on your policy or another party’s policy, and understanding your rights and the laws of your state relating to accidents and insurance claims, is probably not your specialty. Contact a local attorney who is experienced with auto accidents and accident claims. Your attorney will help you understand your rights, what you need to do to protect yourself, get the medical care you may need as a result of the accident, and assist you with getting your auto repaired or replaced. Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A. has attorneys on staff who have the experience and knowledge you may need to help you through this problem.

The time to file documents and make claims is procedural, and if you miss deadlines, your claim can be denied. Your Car Accident Vandalia OH does not have to be compounded by misrepresented statements to insurance agents. Before you decide your course of action, know what actions you have a choice of taking. Speak to an attorney about your case. Speak to an attorney who is experienced representing others after a car accident. Only you can make the choice about the best way to protect your assets and recuperate your losses, and an attorney may offer you choices you did not realize you had.

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