Scarring Claims

After sustaining an injury, scars are often formed as a result of the body’s wound repair process. Some scars are temporary, fading away after a short period of time; others may remain as a constant reminder of the incident that caused them. If a personal injury results in a scar, and it is permanent, you may be entitled to compensation.

Scars affect people in different ways, sometimes leaving the victim to deal with emotional and psychological trauma long after the physical pain of the injury has subsided. Facial scars often result in a loss of confidence, causing the victim to withdraw from normal social activities, diminishing their quality of life. In certain cases, scars can restrict normal movement and function, causing physical limitations as well as psychological issues.

What you Need to Prove

There are two equally important things you will need to prove if you are planning on pursuing a scarring accident claim. The first thing you will need to prove is that the accident or injury was caused by another party’s careless or negligent actions or that they were negligent by their inaction. You will secondly need to prove that the scar was a direct result of that specific incident.

It is not difficult to prove that you have sustained a scar due to an injury. Scars are easily recognizable, and nobody will dispute a clearly visible scar. Nevertheless, proving negligence on the part of someone else can be more difficult to accomplish, especially when the defending party is certain to challenge your claim.

The best course of action recommended to anyone seeking compensation for a scarring injury is to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at Chicago who specializes in these types of claims. Because scars often cause emotional and psychological damage that is difficult to prove, it is important to work with an attorney who understands what type of expert testimony is required to achieve a positive outcome.

Shea Law Group

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