Rustic Wood Doors: The Choice Of Wood Matters

When it comes to adding a door to a new home or replacing one in an older home, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These include purpose, the architecture of the home, and local rules, regulations, and standards. For those who decide that wooden rustic front doors are best suited to fulfill their goals – indoors and out, one question remains. What type of wood is more apt to provide the necessary qualities while fulfilling its role?

The Choice of Wood Matters

Doors are symbolic. Yet, they also need to be functional. This includes all doors, even rustic ones. It is important to meet the necessary criteria. To achieve this goal, be sure you talk to a craftsman about the suitability and appropriateness of specific types of wood for a front door. The list of suggestions for wooden rustic front doors should contain the following species:

Knotty Alder: The wood is referred to as cherry-hued. Decorative knots and a very subtle grain make it ideal for certain styles of doors
Knotty Pine: Many choose pine because of its scent, texture, and appearance.
Quarter Sawn White Oak: Although primarily associated with the creating of furniture during the American Arts and Crafts era, this wood is an excellent choice for producing a rustic entry door
Rustic Cherry: The versatility of colors, the presence of knots and the mineral streak running through the wood make rustic cherry a unique and attractive choice for rustic front doors

Rustic Front Doors

Wood comes from a variety of different trees. However, not all provide the qualities you are looking for, for your front door. Do your research and talk to a professional before you decide on what is most appropriate for the current project. In this way, you can reduce the risk of choosing inappropriate species for wooden rustic front doors now and in the future.

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