Roofing helps save energy

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Roofing

A well-insulated roof is a regular feature of most houses and plays an important role in keeping homes warm and dry. This not only saves on heating bills but also ensures that families are safe and dry. A poorly insulated roof allows heat to leave a house and also rain or snow to get in. This is why it is important to consult with a company who offer roofers in newcastle under lyme so that you can get expert advice.

Keep in the warmth

A roof without insulation provides little benefit to a home in terms of saving energy. It is for this reason that all new roofs are properly insulated during the installation process. This ensures that any warmth generated in the home by heating systems does not escape as the heat rises. This benefits the homeowner as heating costs are reduced because important warmth is not escaping through a poorly insulated roof. Inefficient homes will need to be heated much more than fully insulated ones so the investment in an energy efficient roof is sometimes offset slightly through the savings made in heating costs. On the flip side, a well-insulated roof also keeps out a great deal of heat during summer months so it is an all year round solution.

Keep out the cold

On the flip side, a decent roof will keep the cold out of your house. Wind, rain and snow may enter your home if the roof is not fit for its purpose and so it is crucial to ensure that a roof is fully sealed and not damaged in any way. Water entering a home through the roof is an issue that arises when a roof becomes damaged or perhaps even through age. A draft may also be felt through a damaged or poorly insulated roof and this has an adverse effect on the heating efficiency of a home. A homeowner who can feel cool air coming into their home will inevitably turn up their heating system to counteract it. This does not help with energy saving and a better approach would be to fix the damaged roof in the first instance. Any company who specialise in roofing in Newcastle Under Lyme will be able to offer advice on the best solutions for your home.

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