Roofing Contractors Pocatello – Types of Roofing Projects to Expect

Roofing services can range from minor or major repairs, inspections, maintenance, re-roofing, or new construction roofing projects. Quality Roofing Contractors Pocatello have no problem with the smallest repair to the biggest roofing project. Since every homeowner and commercial building owner has the responsibility to make sure their roof is in good condition, quality contractors are in high demand. The following will discuss the various types of roofing projects you can expect from local quality roofers near Pocatello, Idaho.


Roofing inspections can be provided as part of a maintenance solution, after an installation for a residential or commercial roof to ensure it complies with regulations, or to check for problems or potential problems in your roofing construction and roofing materials. Besides the roof, gutters, chimneys, dormers, and flashing areas are inspected.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance programs offered by Roofing Contractors Pocatello help you keep your roof safe and in good condition so it can protect you, your family, and your structure. Annual inspections, customer reports, itemized lists for repairs needed, itemized quote for services, cleaning off debris, and inspecting the attic for poor ventilation, moisture, or mold issues. These programs are offered to help you save time, money, and your roof.


If for some reason your roof becomes compromised it will require some level of repair. It could need replacement shingles or a portion of the roof may need to be replaced. Repairs for roofing can encompass the roofing materials and any supporting structures and surrounding areas of your roof.


If your roof is beyond repair or old and worn out, Roofing Contractors Pocatello can help. This is also referred to as a re-roof project. It involves tearing off the old roof, disposing of it, installing new roofing materials and repairing any affected areas of the roof’s structure, and cleaning up excess debris left on the job site.

New Installations

All buildings need a roof of some kind. New installations for businesses and homes are services provided by roofers. This job is similar to re-roofs except for the tearing off and disposing of old roofing.

These are the basic projects provided by local Roofing Contractors Pocatello Idaho. These experts will work with you from choosing your roofing material to whatever project you need to have done for your roofing. Brigg’s Roofing provides quality roofing services, coatings, and quality roofing materials to suit residential and commercial needs.

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