Roof Coatings From Roofing Companies in Aurora CO

One of the most essential services that Roofing Companies in Aurora CO provide for their customers is the application of roof coatings. Roof coatings like EPDM are often used when people get new roofs or get re-roofing done on their homes. The long life of roof membranes is one of the leading reasons that they are so often recommended by roofing contractors today. Membranes can last for decades. While the exact life span will vary depending upon weather conditions and other kinds of environmental factors, a roof coating can last for as long as 50 years.

Roof coatings add to the overall durability of most roofing materials today. A high quality roof membrane can withstand a great deal of damage from the environment. This includes exposure to extreme heat, exposure to hail, exposure to snow, and even exposure to standing water. The membranes are constructed to slough water and debris away from the roof as soon as they settle. The membrane has a somewhat slippery texture for this purpose.

Roof membranes are very flexible because they need to resist breaking. In extremely cold weather, the material will not freeze solid and thereby become in danger of cracking. Hard objects such as ice or tree branches will generally hit the roof membrane and bounce off rather than being able to crack it. The color of the roof membrane will vary according to customer wishes, with black being the most popular color today. Some people believe that the black membranes trap heat inside the home more effectively, which can be either a drawback or an advantage depending upon what season it is. White roof membranes are also becoming very popular, but that is primarily because the white membranes are the easiest to customize. A white roofing membrane can be pained nearly any color of the rainbow so that it blends beautifully and seamlessly with the home beneath it.

A roof membrane is a big expense, but one that will pay you back for years to come. If you are looking for local Roofing Companies in Aurora CO, consider calling Golden Spike Roofing to set up an appointment.

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