Roles of a Real Estate Management Professional

Many property owners rely on the assistance of a property management company for the management of their rental properties.  Real estate management St. George services can be a worthwhile investment, giving homeowners freedom from the responsibilities and burdens associated with renting.  Property managers fulfill many roles and have a great deal of duties they perform for each specific rental property in their care.

Background Checks
Rental management firms run a full range of background checks on potential tenants.  Screening an applicant’s credit report, determining their ability to pay the rental amount, checking an applicant’s criminal history, and researching the past rental history of the possible tenant are all essential checks that are run by a professional property manager.

Leasing Agreements
Property managers also handle all aspects of renting a home, from negotiating the lease to agreeing upon a rental amount.  Having a professional real estate management service can make both the landlord and the tenant feel confident that their rental agreement is fair and amenable to both parties.

Mitigation and Remediation
Rental management companies are responsible for handling any conflicts or defaults of the leasing agreement.  Maintenance issues, failure to pay rent on time, and breaking rules agreed upon in the lease are all examples of things better handled by a qualified, professional real estate management firm.

Handling Repairs and Maintenance
Most property management companies have a list of professional contractors, handymen, exterminators, and other service providers they contact to handle maintenance issues.  When a tenant complains of a broken appliance, an insect infestation, or another problem around the home, rental managers are able to quickly and thoroughly assess the problem and move forward with the most appropriate plan of action.

Finding a professional real estate management company is a great way to ensure that you are happy being a landlord and that your renters are content and taken care of.

For dedicated, professional property management in the St. George area, look no further than Real Property Management Southern Utah.  Our team of rental managers is hardworking, knowledgeable, and committed to your needs.

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