Riding the Legend – Harley Davidson in Pittsburgh

Power, style and freedom are three words that come to mind when you think of Harley Davison in Pittsburgh. For over a century, the Harley Davidson company has been cranking out the motorcycles that epitomize what it means to be “cool” in America. Now, it has never been easier to obtain one of these American dream machines.

When William S. Davidson and Arthur Davidson drew up their first blue print for a motorized bicycle in 1901, they may have never realized just how popular their invention would become. By 1906, the harley davidson company had built its first factory, and the public was able to explore the open road in a whole new fashion. When the United States entered World War I, the U.S. Military saw the practicality of the Harley Davidson motorcycle for their troops overseas, and nearly half of the bikes built were sent to the troops fighting in Europe. The company’s history of furnishing the United States Military continued when the country entered World War II, proving that the company could produce a quality product that would stand the test of time.

Harley Davidson motorcycles continued to grow in popularity and began to evolve to meet the needs of a demanding public. Whether it is the popular and classic Touring style or the sleek VRCS models, Harley Davidson has developed motorcycles that will fit into nearly any need and desire.

Not only is Harley Davison in Pittsburgh a proven and reliable company to buy from and invest in, the company also contributes to the local communities where their stores are located. Through the Harley Davidson Foundation, the company assists communities by providing educational, environmental, health care and basic needs such as food and clothing.

With authorized dealers located in many locations, buying a “Hog” can be easier than you may think. Simply find the bike that meets your needs and budget, and let Harley Davidson Financial Services help you make your dream a reality. The company can also help you get the right motorcycle insurance you will need. In addition, Harley Davidson stands by the quality of its work with extended service and protection plans.

Now get out there, and feel the freedom that only a harley davidson motorcycle can provide.


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