Ride in Style on Your Next Delivery with a Professional Delivery Bike

Nowadays, it seems that everyone tries to nail down a side hustle to keep their bank accounts in the black. If you live in the city or a small town in need of a personal delivery service, then why not check out our assortment of professional cycles to get your hustle on the move.

Many Styles to Choose From

Whether you will be working with a local florist or a shop that requires larger deliveries to be made, there is most definitely a style that fits the needs of your business. Continue reading to learn about all the different styles of delivery bikes there are to choose from.

Express Series

The Express series of delivery bikes are perhaps the most simple version with a single steel plate mounted to the back in different sizes to support varying load capacities.

Transit Series

Our Transit delivery cycles offer a bit more security for your load by including a four-sided box with no lid to keep your precious cargo contained without having the hindrance of a cover.

Venture Series

The Venture series takes the security of your delivery one step further and includes a cover to keep your cargo safe from the elements and offers a level of privacy to clients.

Freighter Series

Freighters are our most significant delivery cycle line that boasts some of the most substantial containers available for delivery on three wheels.

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