Rid Your Home Of Bed Bugs With A Qualified Exterminator

Although you may think you have bed bugs in Westchester County, you’ll want to make absolute sure before you start treatment. Bed bugs can be mistaken for fleas, ticks, or another type of insect infestation. Identifying bed bugs may be a devastating discovery; however, there is no need to panic. Professional exterminators are trained in safe ways to eliminate bed bugs from your residence, and will be able to salvage most of your belongings.

Upon discovery of the bed bug lair, many people are tempted to reach for a can of buy spray. It is very important to contact an expert pest control company before you do so in order to prevent potential toxic fumes. Some insect sprays are meant to only be used outdoors, and should not be sprayed in the house. Also, pesticides can be dangerous and may cause sickness and other problems if not handled correctly. Integrated pest management techniques should be the first line of defense against the insect infestation before chemical pesticide options are considered.

Bed bugs in Westchester County love to hide in clutter and debris. Excessive clutter can also make the cleanup process more difficult. Start by clearing all debris and clutter within the home. If bed bugs have gotten into your mattress, you can cover the mattress and box springs in a special bed bug encasement cover. This will help protect you from the bed bugs if you should have to sleep on your mattress.

Wash all of your bed sheets, bedspreads, blankets, and clothing regularly and use a heated-dry to get rid of any bed bugs that are in your linens. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide within the laundry hampers. It is a wise idea to replace your hampers or wash them thoroughly after each use.
Make sure that you vacuum all of the floors, rugs, bed frames, upholstered furniture, around bed legs, under beds, and in all crevices and cracks around each room. This will greatly increase your chances of reducing the number of bed bugs that you have in your home.

High temperature heat treatment works well for killing bed bugs in Westchester County. This treatment is best left to professional exterminators, as specialized equipment and extremely high temperatures are needed for it to be successful. They are also trained in the latest techniques used to rid your home of bed bugs.


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