Restaurant Fire Suppression – How It Works

If you are the owner of a restaurant, you probably have some idea about the importance of having in place a safety routines and protocols in your restaurant and kitchen. Part of an effective fire safety plan involves having your employees trained in the use of fire safety equipment. It is also necessary to keep this equipment maintained and cleaned on a routine basis to ensure it is operating efficiently and safely in the event of a fire. Fires can still occur when all equipment is operating properly for various reasons. One important aspect of the fire safety system is restaurant fire suppression. Iowa restaurant owners can help ensure their employees and visitors are properly protected when such a system is in place and maintained.

Operation of a Fire Suppression System
Many restaurants have fire suppression systems that are triggered by the means of a fusible link. This mechanical device has to metal pieces linked together through a special alloy that, when exposed to certain pre-determined temperatures, melts. When the link melts the alloy, it disconnects and triggers the dispersion of fire extinguishing chemical materials designed to effectively and quickly quench a fire.

A dependable restaurant fire suppression system will prevent the flow of fuel from reaching all the gas-fired cooking equipment in the kitchen. By doing so, the system stops the generation of heat to the source of the fire. The systems are so effective that many times they are able to quash the flames that spring up in the kitchen and a matter of seconds. These systems are designed to be highly effective in preventing the spread of fires that could potentially cause loss of life or greater damage to the kitchen and building.

Fire Suppressing Agents
Modern kitchens utilize restaurant fire suppression equipment that disperses chemical extinguishing substances designed to contact hot cooking oil. When this contact occurs, it creates a soapy layer on the surface of the oil. Once the oil is cooled down and disconnected from the source of oxygen that provides it with life, the fire is effectively quenched. Also, with the wet chemical agent applied, the oil is deterred from reigniting.

Fire suppression systems in restaurants are built into a restaurant exhaust hood. These systems contain nozzles that are aimed at particular locations on kitchen equipment for the most effective protection against potential fires. These systems also provide effective protection ducts and hood plenums that are susceptible to fire as a result of grease accumulation.

Contact an experienced fire protection company today for more information about your options in fire suppression systems.

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