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by | Jan 6, 2014 | Air Conditioning

St. Petersburg in Florida is located on the west side of the State in a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay area. Because of its climate and only four days per year without sun, St. Petersburg is also known as the ‘Sunshine City’ attracting many visitors from around the country and the world. The climate in Florida in general is very warm and the State is one of the sunniest in the country. This brings visitors from the north to the area each year during winter and those people tend to own time share or second homes that they live in during the Florida ‘winter’.

St. Petersburg is also a very popular retirement destination earning the nickname ‘God’s Waiting room’ a few years back. However, with an upsurge in the youth population slowly entering the area over the last few years it could now be equally attractive to a younger generation. John Williams of Detroit, who bought the land in the area in 1876, originally founded St. Petersburg. The town has a unique trait that no other town can claim and that is that when it was incorporated it was done so on February 29th 1892-a leap year-and the town had a mere three hundred residents. As one might imagine the town was named in honor of Saint Petersburg in Russia, simply due to the toss of a coin. Peter Demens, the co-founder along with Williams spent much of his childhood there and when they tossed the coin Demens won. This gave rise to the first hotel in town being called the Detroit Hotel-a building that still stands today, but is now a condominium.

Locating a Professional

Florida has one of the hottest climates and one of the most important home appliances is an air conditioning system. Professionals who can service, maintain and repair any modern or older system in your home do AC repair in St Petersburg. Most air conditioning systems should be serviced at least once a year, if not twice and they should also be checked for algae and have a chemical treatment. Finding a trustworthy professional for your air conditioning unit is vital, so if you can get one that has been recommended by a family member or friend.

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