Repair or Restore That Damaged Roof With Help From an Experienced Roofing Company in Waukesha WI

The envelope of a building includes several facets, but the most important of these is its roof. The roof should be able to keep out the elements and handle the brunt of most storms. However, a failing roof may not be capable of doing this level of protection because weak shingles can be easily damaged. This is especially true when those storms have strong winds or pound the roof with large hailstones. Hail can be a very serious concern in northern climates because large pieces of hail can rip through thin asphalt roofing. A roofing company in Waukesha, WI can help by replacing that old or damaged roofing with a more reliable products such as composite shingles, laminated shingles or stamped steel.

For many decades the most common type of roofing material has been the three-tab asphalt shingle. Advances in manufacturing methods have made numerous improvements. For example, the composite shingle begins with a fiberglass mesh that is then coated with a mix of asphalt and various proprietary fillers to create a reliable roofing solution. The top of the shingle is protected by a thin layer of aggregate that can also alter the shingle color. An alternative to the composite shingle is the laminated shingle. It also starts with the fiberglass base, but is laminated with multiple layers of asphalt so that the shingle becomes fairly thick. Laminated shingles also have a different style of tab, so the roof looks a little different. Composite and laminated shingles tend to have warranties of thirty years or the life of the home.

One interesting alternative offered by a roofing company in Waukesha, WI is steel. Steel roofing comes in panel form or as stamped steel sheets. The latter is frequently used in residential installations because stamped or formed steel roofing can simulate most other roofing solutions. Steel can provide a long term solution for roofing problems because the metal is well protected. There are several ways of protecting the steel including galvanizing it or coating it with a PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) based paint. Painting the metal provides the property owner with various color choices and excellent, long-term resistance to weather damage. Visit the website to learn more about repairing or restoring that damaged roof.

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