Repair an Antique Oriental Rug in Manhattan and Get High-end Style

High-end design features many elements that work together to form a cohesive style. For example, a richly-designed room featuring antiques will require the designer to find items that are not readily available. Most of these items will not be found in average furniture store. Antiques are just that. They are not replicas. Antiques are valuable to collectors. Further, the antique rugs are valuable in terms of monetary value and in high-end design. Many designers look for antique oriental rugs to add charm, color and elegance to a room. In many cases, they often will need mending. Do not worry; these rugs can be professionally mended by using Oriental Rug Repair Manhattan.

Antique oriental rugs were not made by machines. They are quite different than the ones that are produced by machines today. In fact, they were made by hand. They were made by knotting with pile or they were woven with pile. When they need to be repaired, special care must be taken in order to match the color. Next, antique threading and knotting procedures are done by craftsmen. The Oriental Rug Repair Manhattan use professional craftsmen that work with their hands to repair any damage. They will reweave the problem areas, and the rug will look magnificent.

These rugs are often featured in living and family rooms. However, they work well in the master bedroom and dining areas too. For example, in the dining room, use a glass table and place the Oriental Rug under it. By doing this, the rug will take center stage as people look through the glass table. Use a round or rectangle rug that best meets the room’s colors. Stay in the same color family to create the best looks. If you place the rug down and notice a problem, call the Oriental Rug Repair Manhattan. The craftsmen will fix the problem. Depending on the size of the problem, the time to fix it will vary. It is wise to ask for an estimated wait time.

Professional designers use the best materials and accents to infuse good design into a room. Beautiful antique flooring materials and rugs will accent any room. However, these tasks can be taken over by any homeowner. Designers are not required. Use a jewel-tone antique oriental rug in your living room. The colors and beauty of it will bring warmth to the area.

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