Relying on an Ants Exterminator in Manhattan When More Casual Methods Are Ineffective

When ants invade a home, the residents often try inexpensive methods of killing and deterring those unwanted insects. When the problem is ongoing and the household residents have become totally frustrated, they may call an ants exterminator in Manhattan for a more effective, long-term resolution.

Essential Oils

Several natural techniques can be somewhat effective and useful if the invasion is small and the population of ants around the perimeter of the building is not enormous. Some individuals use a blend of essential oils, for instance, with peppermint oil being the most important component. Some of these oils should not be used on food surfaces, so the household must keep that in mind.


Another possibility is the placement of borax solutions in strategic places. In fact, borax is the active ingredient in some over-the-counter products for this purpose.

Identifying the Ant

It’s also important to identify the type of ant creating the problem, since different ants are attracted to different substances. Some look for protein and others for sweet items. The more common ants people see in this city are easily identified by appearance, with the small brown and larger black ants being very prevalent. Others sometimes build nests in the ground in the city too. Fact sheets are available online discussing how to deal with these little critters.

When to Call an Exterminator

An Ants Exterminator in Manhattan becomes necessary when the household’s residents cannot entirely rid the home of these insects. Owners of apartment buildings and commercial properties usually call for professional assistance as well. It’s extremely difficult to eradicate an ant invasion in commercial buildings with substantial square footage or in multi-family settings with numerous apartments. The tenants are not expected to do their own pest control except on a limited basis.

Effective ant management by a company like metro pest control includes investigating the exterior of the property to find out how the ants are getting in. Entry points can be sealed and nests eliminated. It’s impossible to kill every ant on the property and is not even desirable for the small ecosystem there, but the workers can help customers keep those bugs out of the building.

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