Relieve Neck Discomfort

A vehicular accident or a fall on an icy sidewalk can injure your neck, leading to weeks or months of chronic pain. While there are medications available for pain, taking these for too long can lead to a dangerous addiction. It is better to visit a physician for safer neck pain treatment in Jacksonville, Fla. Make sure to bring along your recent X-rays and medical documents so that a physician at a pain clinic can perform a new examination before designing a new course of treatments to relieve your neck pain.

Massages can Eliminate Pain

Rather than taking opioids that relieve pain but that are highly addictive, a pain management specialist can offer alternative treatments such as massages that will increase your blood circulation along with promoting healing. Visiting an expert for a massage is vital to protect the sensitive nerves and delicate bones of the neck. You can return to our medical office for neck pain treatment in Jacksonville until you feel better. It is safe for you to undergo a massage when the vertebrae in your neck are in good condition, and a physician understands how to avoid damaging the nerves in this area of your body.

Schedule an Appointment

Before you return home, our physicians can teach you how to perform exercises that can relieve the pain from a neck injury. With this type of neck treatment in Jacksonville, you can keep the vertebrae in your neck lubricated along with maintaining flexibility in the muscles. You may need to turn your head slowly from side to side, or alternatively, our physician may want you to bend your neck backward slightly to look at the ceiling before bending your head down to look at the floor. Contact Riverside Pain Physicians with our website at

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