Relax In Style With Hot Tubs Houston

While naturally occurring hot springs have existed for thousands of years, many often had to travel long distances to enjoy them. Hot springs, particularly the Japanese onsen, were communal baths that were filled with water flowing from a nearby hot springs. The onsen were often said to have healing abilities due to the mineral contents and hydrotherapy. Man made attempts at the first hot tub began with a tub filled with water and heated stones. In the many years that followed, the hot tub has undergone a variety of design and technological changes. Modern day hot tubs are designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to function similarly in the way a swimming pool would.

Hot tubs Houston are designed with several important components. Since the water in a hot tub is not changed after each use, the system is designed to filter and keep the water clean between uses. Typically, the plumbing for a hot tub will contain: a filtration system, a pressure system, a suction system and additional features to create bubbles or other features. The water must be circulated, filtered and then returned to ensure that the water is clean. The sanitation is needed to prevent bacteria from growing after multiple uses. Hot tubs are often heated via electric or natural gas but there are some systems that utilize solar power. The water is temperature can be varied but is often kept above 100 F. The National Spa and Pool Institute recommends that hot tubs and spa be kept at minimal 104F.

Cryer Pools & Spas Inc can provide customers with a variety of Hot Tubs Houston to choose from. Hot tubs vary in design and style. There are some that utilize a more classical theme and are perfect for those looking to experience a night relaxing under the stars. Others are more modern in the design and are perfect for those looking for a hot tub to fit their current decor themes. Hot tubs are also an excellent way to enjoy hydrotherapy at home. Exposure to hot water in a relaxing setting can help relive muscle tensions and release stress. Hot tubs are an excellent for friends to wind down after a long work week or for a couple to enjoy away from the bustle of everyday life. Regardless of the reason, hot tubs are an excellent addition to any home.


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