Relax and Reduce Stress With Fish and Aquariums in Manhattan, NY

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Business

Did you know that Lady Gaga had a fish tank installed in her home to help her recover after her surgery? On-going research shows that watching fish in an aquarium really is beneficial to a person’s health. Although the full effects of the study are yet to be released, early signs report that watching fish can reduce stress, aid in relaxation and improve mood. Researchers from Pennsylvania report that watching fish swimming in an aquarium can offer a way to treat high blood pressure. The fish are the key elements however. It is watching the fish that is relaxing.

Aquariums in Manhattan NY can offer you a wide selection of fresh and salt-water fish, equipment, chemicals and other supplies that you need to set up an aquarium of your own. They specialize in custom made glass aquariums of any size or shape so you can even customize your aquarium to suit your needs and space.
How to Plan an Aquarium

1. Decide what kind of an aquarium you want. You can choose from a custom tank, wall tanks, saltwater tanks, freestanding tanks, freshwater tanks, cabinet tanks as well as room divider tanks.

2. What kind of fish do you plan on purchasing for your tank? Take into consideration that some fish require more work than others do. Freshwater fish such as Electric Yellow Cichlid and Crown Tail Betta’s are perfect for beginners. There are saltwater fish available as well such as the Maroon Clown, Angelfish, seahorses and more.

3. You will need to have start up equipment and supplies for your aquarium such as aeration and filtration systems to keep your fish healthy and your tank clean. Chemicals and chemical media, lighting, nets, submersible water pumps, aquarium food and feeders as well as cleaning supplies, medications, reference books if needed and more.

The experienced staff at Beital’s Exotic Aquariums in Manhattan, NY can help you decide the best aquarium and fish for your lifestyle and budget. Visit their 5,000 showroom 7 days a week to see the variety of tanks and fish. After you purchase your fish and set up your aquarium, it’s good to know that emergency services are also available should you lose power. They also design, install and maintain ponds and waterfalls.


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