Reduce Waste Management Concerns by Recycling in Long Island NY

Waste management can be a very aggravating problem for both businesses and property owners. If the accumulated rubbish is not removed regularly, then the garbage just keeps piling up. One way of reducing this issue to a more manageable size is with waste Recycling in Long Island NY. Keep in mind that there are many types of products and materials that can be recycled. For example, almost any type of metal is recyclable with minor exceptions such as aluminum foils and other thin items. In fact, some metals such as copper and thicker aluminum can pay pretty well when recycled in large amounts. Other materials that are frequently recycled include glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and various kinds of scrap wood.

One of the best reasons to consider Recycling in Long Island NY is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the local landfills. The more materials that get recycled every day means there is less rubbish taking up valuable space. Another great reason for recycling is environmental concerns. Turning that old scrap into new metal reduces carbon output and lowers the amount of energy required when the metal is produced. For instance, recycling aluminum from scrap and other reclaimed sources saves up to ninety-five percent of the energy consumed when the same metal is made from raw ores. Copper averages about ninety percent in energy savings and recycled steel saves up to fifty-six percent. Other advantages include a reduction is the use of natural resources. Recycling a single ton of steel can conserve up to 2,500 pounds of raw ore as well as other materials used in the smelting process.

It is possible to manage recycling projects so that the junk and rubbish is collected automatically. Waste management companies such as V. Garofalo Carting Inc. provide customers with containers for collecting the scrap materials and haul them off when the container is full. It can be useful to separate the various materials when certain scrap products have more value. For example, a factory or machine shop may want to separate junk iron from other metals such as aluminum. Containers are also useful for building contractors because the amount of junk generated from construction can quickly get out of hand.

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