Reduce Energy Costs with Spray Insulation Wichita KS

The insulation in your home plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature and keeping your family comfortable. Even with thick layers of insulation on the attic floor and walls, there are still areas where cold air can seep in. Spray insulation Wichita KS can be used in areas where traditional insulation cannot fit into as well as in open areas, such as between the rafters. One of the best benefits of spray insulation Wichita KS is its ability to expand. As the liquid foam begins to dry and harden, it also expands about 30 times of its volume as a liquid. This means when it is sprayed into a crack, crevice or hole it will completely seal the opening and block the loss of heat and prevent cold air from entering.

If you are trying to find ways to save money, the easiest way is by reducing the cost of energy use to heat and cool your home. Spray insulation Wichita KS does not break down or degrade, so it will permanently provide insulation for the area in which it was applied. This type of insulation is also a great barrier against moisture, so you could use it in the basement as well as to increase the insulation in your home. The more insulation used, the less energy it will take to keep the temperatures comfortable in your home, which saves more money.

If there are pipes in the basement or attic, it can allow a significant amount of cold air to enter the area. Spray insulation can be used as an insulator around pipes to prevent moisture from building up, which may cause mold and mildew. It is recommended that you have a professional insulation contractor such as website install the spray insulation to be sure that it is applied correctly. Also when an insulation contractor is hired, they will inspect the entire area, find any possible leaks and apply the spray insulation to the leaky areas. It can be quite messy if you are not experienced with the spraying process and it can be difficult to remove if you accidentally spray it in the wrong area. A professional is experienced with the process of spraying the insulation in extremely small areas.

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