Redmond Dentist Educates Patients to Properly Care for Teeth

Do you know that even though you think you’re doing everything right for your teeth, you may be doing some things that can actually erode the enamel of your teeth or not get them thoroughly clean? You’re going to be surprised at everything you learn from the Dentist at Overlake Family Dental of Redmond. You may be brushing at the wrong time with an old toothbrush that should be exchanged for a new one. You may have to change your lifestyle and eat more nutritional foods. Do you know the proper way to brush or floss your teeth. Do you brush first or floss first? To answer the question, flossing is first, but you’ll receive up-to-the-minute information when you visit the clinic.

When you make your first appointment, a lot will happen that day. An expert dental hygienist is going to X-ray and clean your teeth, first of all, and report her findings to the dentist. Time is actually going to be taken with you, by the dentist, to get to know you and what you have in mind for your teeth. Next, the Redmond Dentist is going to explain what he feels your teeth need, such as extractions of severely decayed teeth or abscessed teeth that are causing you distress.

You may need root canals or want your teeth whitened, but if you have any periodontal disease that needs care, you’ll be able to get this care at the clinic instead of traveling to another dentist in another town. The dentist works with his patients and gives them a time line of when their care will be completed based on the procedures a patient needs. He is also going to go over the financial aspects of your care. The clinic works with many insurers and files claims for the patients.

Still, there are many patients who have no insurance coverage and this is why the clinic has third party financing available to patients who want dental care. Every patient wants a beautiful smile and you can be sure the Redmond Dentist is going to do everything he can to help his patients realize their goal of having beautiful teeth. Whatever type of treatment or procedure a patient needs, they can be certain the instruments are sterile and that the patient’s care is of utmost concern.

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