Reasons Why Falls Occur in Medical Facilities in Longview: How to Handle

Sadly, patients can fall in hospital settings. The problem ranges from the facility down to bed alarms. Here are some of the top reasons why hospital falls occur in medical facilities

Patient and Setting

It is not unusual for a patient to be disoriented while in the hospital. Medication administered in the facility may add to the problem. Some weak or confused people might try to get out of bed. Sometimes the staff tells the person to call for help before attempting to walk, but the confusion causes them to move alone. Because these people are unstable, they often take a tumble, which results in further injuries. Experienced malpractice lawyers in Longview, TX, have seen many of these cases, and these legal teams can help families deal with the issues that arise from the fall.

Staffing Levels

After someone calls for assistance, nurses and other caregivers may not get to a patient immediately. If the individual needs to go to the bathroom, they might try to get up. People might become impatient waiting and attempt to move without any assistance. These situations can lead to falling.

Bed Alarms

Staff can connect a confused person’s bed with an alarm. These alert the caregiver if the individual attempts to get out. Malpractice lawyers in Longview, TX, have seen instances where the alarm malfunctioned or the team did not activate the device.

These are some of the top reasons why hospital falls occur in medical facilities. The damage may be immediate or show up after the fact. For legal help with this matter, contact Van Wey, Metzler & Williams today.

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