Reasons to Schedule Your Septic Tank Pumping in Whitehouse Station

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

The septic system is one system that most homeowners give very little thought to in regards to maintenance and upkeep. As long as the toilet doesn’t back up, the assumption is that the system is fine. But like every other home system in Whitehouse Station, the septic system occasionally needs to be emptied. Accurate Waste Pumping is the company to call for this quite unpleasant task. There are many reasons why you should consider checking the level of your septic tank and see if it needs Septic Tank Pumping in Whitehouse Station.

One of the reasons to consider getting Septic Tank Pumping in Whitehouse Station is to prevent inadvertent backups into your home. As the tank fills up with solids, it makes it more difficult to allow the liquids to filter out of the system. As you keep adding waste as in flushing the toilet, the tank fills up. Eventually, the tank cannot efficiently filter out the extra water and the whole system backs up into your home.

Another very good reason to get Septic Tank Pumping in Whitehouse Station is that an overfilled tank can become damaged. Damaged tanks leak into the yard and cause damage to the landscaping. Often, these tanks have to be replaced. This is a more costly procedure than just having it pumped out. Replacing a damaged tank requires tearing up the yard, tank replacement costs and redoing the landscape in that area.

But perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get Septic Tank Pumping in Whitehouse Station is to remove the gases that build up in the septic tank. If the tank is full, the air in the tank can leak back into the home causing a foul smell. In an enclosed space, these gases can become dangerous. A good pumping of the septic tank will get rid of these smells while a good cleaning may not have any effect.

There are many reasons to think about the septic tank. While it might not be a pleasant maintenance to schedule, it is a necessary one. You need to get your septic system pumped before it turns into a much bigger problem.

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