Reasons to Choose Non-Toxic Pest Control Services

Throughout Australia and around the world, residential and commercial property owners are looking for environmentally-friendly solutions for all aspects of owning and maintaining their property. This includes choosing green building methods, making the decision to use sustainable materials, and choosing non-toxic pest control services to keep the area free from bugs, spiders, flying insects, and other insects that cause damage.

There are several compelling reasons to choose non-toxic pest control services over those using harsh, potentially deadly pesticides. Keep in mind, non-toxic is not the same as the over-the-counter organic solutions sold directly to homeowners, but rather, specific highly effective pesticide formulations. Typically, these are used in conjunction with modifications to the environment to make the property less appealing to insects and vermin.

Safer for the World Around You

Companies that offer non-toxic pest control services use cutting-edge, new-generation pesticides. These are designed to break down over time, unlike traditional pesticides that build up and increase in concentration in water and soil.

Safer for Pets and Kids

While kids and pets should never be exposed to any type of pesticide, the use of non-toxic options means that the area treated is safer much faster. Safer pesticides like those used by top exterminator services are also used in hospitals, vet clinics, boarding kennels, food preparation locations, schools, daycare facilities.

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