Reasons that Dining Table Pads can Make Halloween Less Scary for Parents

When most people think of Halloween, decorations, party supplies, carving pumpkins and making costumes, are the first things to come to mind. What most parents don’t think about is the damage this stuff can do to their dining room table. There is a way to prevent the dings, scratches, burns, and spills associated with Halloween; you can purchase Dining Table Pads to help you protect your table from the frightfulness of the holiday. Below you will find some reasons that you will want to go out and buy those pads, before the season starts. Visit for more information.

Gift Bags and Baskets

Many people like to cover their Halloween gift bags and baskets with cellophane. This is a lovely way to make the gift fashionable, but the color used in cellophane can dye your table as well; especially if they get damp or wet during the process. The best way to avoid this is to have a pad on the table to prevent the seepage.

Jack-o-lanterns and Centerpieces

There is nothing like carving your own Jack-o-lanterns with the kids as a Halloween treat. However, the tools used to carve the pumpkin can leave deep gouges and scratches on your dining room table. On top of that, the natural coloring from the pumpkin can actually discolor your table. It’s best to have a pad for the carving, and make sure that you place the Jack-o-lantern on a decorative platter when you are done, as a precaution against discoloration.

Pumpkin Seeds and Party Foods

There is nothing like the smell of roasted pumpkin seeds on a cool autumn night. However, the cookie sheet that holds those pumpkin seeds is extremely hot, when you sit it on your dining room table, you are apt to get a deep burn. Other foods that cause a problem are candy apple coatings, and candies that have been decorated with inexpensive dyes. All of these coatings tend to run and stain a dining room table that is not protected by a table pad.

Halloween is all about parties, treats, and arts and crafts. Have fun with the traditions, but don’t ruin your table in the process, visit Superior Table Pad Co. Inc for your table pad today.

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